French Quarter Balconies and Courtyards

Vieux Carre Venues offers the most sought-after historical architecture for private events in New Orleans, with wrought-iron lace balconies and quaint, serene courtyards. 

The French Quarter’s Most Coveted Balcony

The historic French Quarter, also known as Vieux Carré (Old Square), is the oldest neighborhood in the city of New Orleans.  The most well-known of the French Quarter streets, Bourbon Street (also known as Rue Bourbon), is part of the city's lively entertainment district.

The elaborately decorated ironwork balconies are one of the French Quarter’s most prominent and memorable features.  Visitors photograph them, artists paint them and hotels, clubs and venues promote the French Quarter balcony as an ideal perch to view passing parades.

Bourbon Street is closed to vehicular traffic in the evening, when it becomes a pedestrian mall and an extension of the parties taking place in the live music clubs and famous drinking establishments.  A Bourbon Street balcony is coveted and particularly popular to view the throngs of revelers on the street cheering for strings of colorful Mardi Gras beads. 

The French Quarter’s Most Mystical Courtyards

No existing place in New Orleans preserves more of her magical and haunting flavor than her courtyards. 

Hidden behind many of the French Quarter’s historic wrought-iron gates lie its majestic and exotic courtyards.  Quaint and secluded, these tropical oases are filled with indigenous foliage and the serene sounds of fountains. 

The perfect place for sipping a cool libation on a balmy New Orleans evening!




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